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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cover Story: Sweed Dreams - by MMM Report

Homeopathic and holistic means of healing

With the current wave of medicinal cannabis information almost becoming tidal in scope, we wouldn’t be surprised if you sometimes become a little overwhelmed at all the new ways that cannabis can improve your health and life.  It seems that almost daily new scientific studies are published providing yet another wondrous benefit of cannabis. Most cannabis products we’re familiar with are those we inhale or ingest, and the health benefits have been plentiful.

Sweed Dreams is here to provide further cannabis health benefits that most of us are unfamiliar with, in topical and tincture format.

Suffering from skin rashes, irritations or even skin cancer?  Ailing from rheumetory arthritis in your hands or knees? Sweed Dreams just might have the answers you’re looking for.

Tonya and Jan, both lifelong residents of Michigan and the founders Sweed Dreams, wanted to provide relief for the numerous patients who were still suffering from skin ailments and other small joint issues like RA.  They had both come across patients in their personal and professional lives who had a hard time finding quality meds, free from chemical additives and pesticides which helped to relieve their symptoms. So they teamed up with a chemist from long trusted Johnson & Johnson, and a professor of horticulture from the University of Michigan to create a scientifically researched, grown, cultivated and medicinally dosed CBD and THC topical and tincture line of products.

The line of lotion products are all non-psychoactive, even though they contain THC, so they are always safe to use before or during work to alleviate symptoms.  Sweed Dreams isn’t just treating patients in the mitten, they can be found at approved locations in Arkansas, North Carolina and Florida, and have achieved the seal of approval from Tommy Chong himself.

Sweed Dreams mission is providing clean, high quality products of both organically grown marijuana infused and essential oil blends to their clients and several provisioning centers throughout the state.
Sweed Dreams seems to be making clients happy, evident by these testimonials

Dear Sweed Dreams,
I was introduced to your products in late 2017. I am a 45 year old breast cancer survivor. However, my entire life, I have suffered unbelievably bad menstruations. Suffering things such as: PMS, Pre menstrual issues, with breast pain, (enough to awaken sleep) Back Pain, Migraines. Then menstruation starts, heavy and cramping. Silently suffering, every month. Add in Cancer: Lumpectomy and Radiation. Pain to take my breath away and stop me in my tracks! I did not know it could be worse. As if the normal pre-menstrual issues weren't enough. Receiving nothing more but empathy, from health care providers.

A subject not taken seriously enough in the traditional medical field, a subject simply swept under the carpets, so to say. Finally, introduced to an alternative method, with Sweed Dreams, I have been applying Creams & using Tinctures. I have never before gotten relief, as great as I do now. All around. Finally!! I will always turn to this alternative route, time and time again. I also receive peace of mind knowing, I am fighting Cancer every day, with CBD's. Naturally. Holistic Healing truly is amazing. All woman who suffer silently, should try immediately.

Thank you, Tonya, Jan at Sweed Dreams for helping me!!

Entirely grateful,
Lisa -Michigan

June 2016, I noticed a large red area on the side of my right breast. After further inspection, I found a large lump at another location. I researched natural cancer alternative remedies & had the opportunity to try RSO (Rick Sympson Oil) & Skin Cancer Lotion made from Medical Marijuana, and changed my diet to healthier eating habits.

July 6, 2016, I received the news of “IBC” (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) The rarest most aggressive breast cancer that exists. Estrogen/Progesterone Pos., HER2 Neg. Stage 3, grade 3 inflammatory breast cancer, with skin thickening, a 2”x1-1/4” mass at 12 O’clock, an enlarged right breast, and an enlarged cancerous lymph node about the same size as the lump under my right arm.

July 12, 2016, The oncologist went over my test results and discussed my options. She said without chemo, surgery & radiation that I had a life expectancy of less than 1 year.

Aug 3, 2016, Started chemo treatments.

Nov 4, 2016,  After 3 months of chemo I decided not to continue chemo because of increasing abdominal pain, and when I told the Doctors about it, they were not listening.

Dec 17,2016,  Needing Answers, I found different Doctors that I heard would listen and told them honesty, everything I had been doing with alternative remedies. I stopped doing chemo, continued my alternative remedies, change of diet & surroundings.

Valentines Day, 2017,  New Pet Scan report. My new Oncologist was a little shocked to tell me that the only thing still showing on the scan was skin thickening (thinner than it was in prior Pet Scan from July, 2016) and an .07cm lymph node under my arm, and that to get a better look we needed an MRI next.

March 8, 2017,  I received the MRI results showing a 3mm lesion at 11 o’clock and a 5mm lesion at 1 o’clock, all auxiliary lymph nodes back to normal, skin thickening & inflammation gone, enlarged breast back to normal size.

April 6, 2017  Found out that all the abdominal pain I was having was due to gall stones & gall bladder wall thickening, which I have so far avoided gall bladder surgery thru alternative remedies.  Again told by 2 gall bladder specialist to “keep doing what I have been doing” and let them know if I get in too much pain again.

May 10, 2017  The surgeon scheduled an ultrasound & mammogram. I spent 4 hours having multiple ultrasounds, repeatedly (even by the Radiologist that reads the reports performed one himself), then multiple mammograms with some new high-tech mammogram machine that can zoom in even better than most. They were not able to locate the lesions or any other issues in my breast during these exams. My results from that are: Keep doing whatever it is I have been doing and they want to see me every 6 months for a follow-up.

September & November 2017 I will be going back for my follow-ups with the oncologist, surgeon & tests to monitor my progress.

Currently,  I will continue to “Do What I Have Been Doing”!

P.S. Thank You, Sweed Dreams & My Husband For The Remedies You Have Made That Have Given Me A Longer Life To Be Able To Help Others!

This Is My Story-Michigan

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