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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cannibals of Freedom: Is the 4th of July a Celebration of Parasitism?? - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

Finally, summer is here!  But, is there a dark secret lurking under our 4th of July celebrations?  I mean really, what do we celebrate on the 4th?  Sure, most people have picnics, drink the beverage of their choice, wave cute red, white, and blue flags and pennants, and those living on lakes have boat decorating contests, and spectacular fireworks.

I live on Crockery Lake in Chester Twp., MI.  But, the celebration this year will be clouded by the lake association board (“CLA”), and Chester Twp board’s (“TWP”), decision to enact an ordinance which denies lake residents freedom.  The ordinance makes it a crime to have our friends’ boat(s) moored up to our dock(s) overnight.  It also targets one landowner who has a private boat launch on their property, by making it a crime to use the launch, among other things.  As freedom hating as that is, it’s the way the ordinance came about that is under-handed, sneaky, favoritism politics.  Indeed, the Twp. held a public meeting with notice of the ordinance on the agenda.  But, enough residents showed up to complain that the TWP tabled it for that month.  However, the next month, without public notice, the Twp. enacted the ordinance anyway.  Yep, the board essentially told those residents, and freedom, to Fuck Off!!! 

The CLA president stated in an open letter that an unnamed resident had an unspecified problem with an unnamed neighbor, and that it worked to have the ordinance written and pushed through by the Twp.  That person with the problem, rather than using current laws and ordinances and taking the issue to the courts, decided to rob all the residents of some of their freedom.  I guess it’s cheaper to destroy freedom than to fight for it.  It certainly takes less thought. 

The CLA president also assured residents the ordinance would only be enforced if you turned in your neighbor.  Nice!  This creates a situation where if we speak out against the CLA, Twp, or any of its members individually, we will be fined and prosecuted, but if we cozy up to them, we are given permission to break the law without penalty.  Wink!

Of course, the language of justification for the ordinance, which applies to all laws that deprive individuals of their rights, is that it is in the interest of the public health, public safety, public good, and public welfare.  Never mind that these are all incapable of objective definition, because it is a requirement to base laws on the undefinable when their very purpose is to deny us our rights.  Indeed, the “public” consists of individuals and does not exist independent of individuals.  Therefore, laws are not for us, but for those in power, and against us as individuals. 

The following are those known to be responsible in Chester Township:

Twp. Gary Meerman (Supervisor), Jan Redding (Clerk), Dianne Berenbrock (Treasurer), Mike Dunnuck (Trustee), and Troy Goodno (Trustee);

CLA. Bruce Collen (Pres.), Pat Wolters (VP), Bob Blaiwkamp (Treasurer), Linda Lane (Secretary), and Trustees Dennis Arms, Linda Rexford and Del Deur.

I will remember those who fought for our independence when I celebrate the freedoms for which so many men and women gave up their money, property and lives.  I wonder if they would have done that if they knew that future generations of parasitic liberty hating control freaks would act to destroy those freedoms and dump them in the garbage stinking of rotting flesh.  At the same time, the parasites will be celebrating the 4th in honor of destroying freedom to satisfy their insane lust to control others, while spitting in the face of all those who gave up so much.  I note:  The lust to control others is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind. 

Let’s celebrate the 4th of July this year with a purpose to honor the freedom that was this nation’s promise.  Then let’s celebrate the struggle to fulfill that promise by thinking not about what we can take from others, but what we can produce for ourselves. Yes, you may be labeled a criminal or a traitor by the government and unthinking parasites for thinking for yourself.  But remember, the men and women who began this country put it all on the line, their reputations, property, money, and their lives.  Many lost everything.  Yet they earned independence for the new nation.  We too can earn our freedom, but it will take independent thought, and guts.  The most important thing to remember is that we must always be aware that when we act to deny others their freedom, we deny our own freedom, as we give others permission to take it from us.

America is at a crossroad.  One way leads to the total destruction of freedom, one leads to freedom.  Choose! 

Till next month,
as always,
keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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