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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cover Story: Stop on by The Station - by MMM Report


First of it's Kind in the area

Tuscola county is home to The Station Provisioning Center which serves its medical marijuana patients and the first facility of it’s kind to operate under Michigan’s emergency rules. A vintage little building at 302 E. Huron Ave. which used to be a Gas Station, is now the goto shop for many people in the area.

“At The Station we strive to give our patients the attention needed to find the right product for their ailments. Budtenders are knowledgeable and eager to help provide a friendly and stress-free environment. "We hope that every patient has a great experience in our center.”-Mark Bills, The Station Manager.  “We provide our patients with top quality medication and a personalized experience.”
Treating their patients’ ailments with the proper meds is certainly a priority, however safety is also of the most paramount. The Station not only covers the entire property in security cameras, and locked entry ways, the employees are equipped with panic buttons to alert the authorities if the need should ever arise. They do so to add as much protection and peace of mind to its patients (and employees) as possible.

The Station wants everyone to feel at home, and if the friendly security doesn’t do it alone, the warm, clean, inviting décor will get you there.  The knowledgeable staff treats you like the ever-helpful neighbor, guiding you to the best treatment for your symptoms.

The amenities don’t stop there. Located next door to The Station, at 310 E Huron Avenue, is the holistic center ISC.

The Station, together with IHSC, want to fulfill a complete holistic approach to treating the residents of Tuscola county.  They even have plans to bring in some support groups to IHSC, ensure that mind, body and soul are treated. 

“If there’s an interest piqued, we can then help them to get their medical-marijuana cards and they can come through and make some decisions as to whether they’d like to incorporate cannabis into some other holistic treatments.” 


The Station not only ensures that its patrons have access to knowledge, support and peace of mind, they also make sure their patients have access to top shelf, lab tested, verified safe and affordable medicines to the card holding patients.
Because at The Station…
Our Patients become our friends.

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